Homeopathy - Integrating Mind and Body
About me

Usha Pearce MSc, MA, Lic Hom

I am a fully qualified homeopath, with a private practice in Bath.

I have a background in nursing and university-based research in health and nutrition. After my first degree in Cell Biology, I trained as a nurse and taught clinical nursing at an Egyptian university for two years as a volunteer. On returning to the UK, I obtained an MA in Human Nutrition, before working as a development nutritionist at research institutes in London and Rome.

My introduction to Homeopathy during this period was through the successful treatment of myself and my children, together with my search for a deeper understanding of health. This led me to undertake a 4-year training in Homeopathy at the London College of Classical Homeopathy.

The greatest appeal for me about Homeopathy is the premise on which it is based; one that views health holistically and considers the whole person in all their complexity. I enjoy working closely, and spending time, with my patients. The emphasis on in-depth case taking, exploring the patient's experiences of their illness and their coping strategies, is integral to my approach. I am influenced by the work of Dr. Rajan Sankaran, and have attended workshops on his method both in the UK and in India.

I find my work with different age groups both stimulating and rewarding. I have a wide range of experience treating patients with both psychological and physical health problems.  Although many of my patients are adults, a further focus and interest is treating children with physical ailments and behavioural problems. I have also been involved with proving new remedies with my colleague Mary English.

Apart from working as a homeopath, I enjoy art and craft stuff like pottery and mosaics, playing badminton, listening to jazz and world music, gardening, and spending time with my family.