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Dealing with Stress

Modern living for the majority is stressful, juggling too many demands on our time and energy.  Most of my patients, at some point in the consultation, attribute their symptoms to stress, irrespective of what these symptoms are.

Many of the diseases we associate with ageing, such as heart disease, cancer and stroke may be the result of lifelong, poorly managed stress. The ability of stress to alter immune function and to precipitate and aggravate infectious diseases has long been recognised. A body under stress is a chemically altered body, a body washed in hormones and substances that are normally kept under fine control. Continuous stress creates chemical imbalances, which act as a slow poison leading to a multitude of stress-related disorders.

Although most of us experience stress in our lives, the affect on each individual will vary according to that individual’s susceptibility. For some the source of stress may have an emotional origin, for others it may be physical, nutritional, traumatic, even psycho spiritual, or just the small daily hassles.

So how can homeopathy help for those who are suffering from stress related problems?

Homeopathy is a talking therapy in that consultations involve the patient exploring their experiences of what is ‘stressing them’; how this affects them; and what coping strategies are in play. In particular, what affect does it have on their emotions? For example, do they become angry, irritable and on a short fuse or tired, listless and lethargic? Does it affect their sleep, or lead to disturbing dreams? What impact is there on their eating habits: do they have particular cravings or over indulge on comfort foods? To what extent does the patient use alcohol, tobacco and other drugs to unwind and cope with stress. This in-depth case taking often brings a deeper insight for the patient.

The majority of patients find the time spent in consultation  beneficial in understanding their stress responses, and value the time for themselves and being listened too. Through this process, I provide emotional and physical support while patients begin to address and make changes in their lifestyle to reduce stress, as well as prescribing remedies to help rebalance the body and build up the immune system. The remedies I prescribe and any nutritional and lifestyle advice given are all made on an individualised basis.

How we perceive and manage stress is critical for our overall health and well-being. When stress becomes too great, the damage may be irreversible. So, to maintain and even improve your level of health, start taking action now.

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Dealing with Stress
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