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Anxiety & Depression

When we’re feel sad or fed up with life we often use the expression ‘I am feeling depressed’. More often than not these feelings do pass and we come back to feeling ourselves again. We can all feel low in spirits or down in the dumps, from time to time and this is a common feeling When we feel like this, it doesn’t stop us from leading our normal likes, it may just be that everything seems that little be harder to do.

But it can happen that these feelings stay with us or intensify. Having the ‘ blues’ can become a regular part of our life. It may be that after a couple of weeks we still feel the same way, or that the same feelings come back over and over again. You can end up feeling like you are stuck in a pattern that you can’t change and this is particularly experienced as winter blues or SAD (Seasonal affective disorder).

People who are depressed often tend to suffer more from anxiety. As with most illness, it’s not the presence of anxiety by itself that creates the problem. It is the intensity and frequency that is difficult to cope with.

Generally people with anxiety may find that they constantly dwell on the worst possible outcome, easily becoming obsessed or preoccupied about one subject. They are very fretful and overly worried, quickly lose their patience, and have difficulty concentrating.

As with depression the problem gets into a vicious circle and a negative pattern is established. It’s sometimes difficult to see what is the cause and what is the effect. Either way if you find yourself in this situation it’s probably best to ask for help. A useful resource for information on depression and anxiety is the Mental Health website.

The very nature of depression is that it brings a sense of hopelessness. People with depression often feel powerless and worthless and life can feel bleak and meaningless. This can prevent someone who is depressed to reach out for help. It’s easy to withdraw from friends and family rather than asking for help.

One of the most important things to do if you are suffering from depression is to seek appropriate treatment.

Homeopathy can help if you are anxious or depressed. It has a proven track record of helping people with depression and anxiety. If you are interested in how homeopathy can help you, then why not get in touch for some friendly and helpful advice?




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