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Childhood Complaints

Generally speaking children can have wonderfully elastic immune systems. They can fall ill on one day and bounce back the next. But for some children, even the young immune systems can lose their zing and a child can get stuck in an absolutely constant round of coughs, colds and infections. It’s just not what childhood should be about.

It is after numerous trips to the doctor and antibiotics, that the parent will often turn to Homeopathy for its ability to strengthen and modify the individual’s immune response. Prescription of a remedy is made on the child’s disposition as it shows up in the mental, emotional and physical symptoms.

Some children are labelled as having so-called behavioural problems, such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or having oppositional behaviour. ‘Hard to handle’, ‘overactive’, ‘restless’ or ‘impulsive’ children do exist and can be a handful for the parents and carers, but whether it really helps to medicate these children is debatable.

Each child is assessed as the unique person they are, and the remedy prescribed must reflect everything about the child. During the consultation, whether it is a physical or behavioural problem, time is spent elucidating as much information as possible about the health and behaviour of the child.

From years of treating children, I have found that homeopathy can be of help to put a child’s immune system and behaviour back on track.



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