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Common Ailments

As a complete system of medicine, homeopathy has a wide scope of action.  All nature of acute and chronic illnesses can be addressed. Treatment can be for psychological, behavioural, emotional and physical problems.

The acute ailments that homeopathy can successfully treat include: coughs, colds, earache, sprains and shocks.

Chronic conditions such as anxiety and depression, arthritis, respiratory ailments, migraine, premenstrual tension, ailments in pregnancy and menopausal problems also respond well to the homeopathic approach.

Children: Babies and children respond well to homeopathic treatment for recurring colic, colds, earaches, coughs and stomach bugs. Headaches, bed-wetting, eczema, behavioural difficulties and poor concentration associated with stressful situations in school and family are common reasons for parents to seek homeopathic treatment.

Pregnancy & Childbirth: Homeopathy is ideal for women who would like a safe and natural alternative treatment for problems during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.  Complaints such as morning sickness, heartburn, constipation, difficult labour, mastitis or emotional distress are all treatable with homeopathic remedies.

For a more detailed look at some common conditions, follow the links in the side menu. For information on research and clinical data, follow this link to the British Homeopathy Association and Faculty of Homeopathy.


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