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Homeopathy in Bath
Homeopathy - Integrating Mind and Body
Homeopathy in Bath


Homeopathy is a Natural & Holistic Treatment that is effective in
improving & maintaining your well-being & health

Homeopathy is a natural complement to conventional medicine. As a person centred, holistic therapy, it recognises that symptoms of illness are expressions of disharmony, or dis-ease, within the whole person and that it is the person and not the illness that needs treatment. Homeopathy sees symptoms as the body’s reaction against illness as it attempts to overcome it, and seeks to stimulate and not suppress the reaction.

Chronic conditions suggest that the body’s internal fight to get well has become compromised, with symptoms persisting and often worsening. Well-chosen homeopathic medicine can produce symptoms similar to those of the illness: that is it mimics the effects of the illness; and by so doing reinforces the patient’s ability to combat the illness. 

This approach is suitable for everyone, young and old alike. The homeopathic remedies are made from many natural substances. They work by gently boosting the energy of the body and are very safe, even for pregnant and sensitive patients. Remedies pose no danger of addiction or toxicity and can be used alongside conventional medicines. 

The conditions it does treat may read like a list of acute and chronic complaints seen by doctors daily: allergies, anxiety, depression, headaches, premenstrual syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, stress, insomnia, back pain. Many of the chronic conditions may even have deeper roots arising from relationship problems, loss, bereavement or work stress.

First appointments are generally 2 hours and follow-ups take 45 minutes. This allows for in depth questioning about lifestyle, diet and stress, which is vital for a tailor-made homoeopathic prescription. Healing begins from within your own body, enhancing your health and sense of well-being by strengthening your immune system and without any danger of damaging side effects.

Please follow the links, or the menu above, to learn more about about me; or to find information on some of the more common ailments  for which I treat both adults and children, or to find out about introductory courses that I run. If you would like to contact me regarding an appointment, the details are on a seperate page, as are my fees. More information on homeopathy can be gained from the following link.

Homeopathy in BathAbout meThe ConsultationCommon AilmentsIntroductory CoursesContacting Me